The request from Plymouth High School for a better crossing between the north parking lot and the soccer field on the north side of Baker Street was a topic of discussion during Monday’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting. 

Plymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt said during the Complete Streets committee meetings which include members of the Plymouth Community School Corporation, the crosswalk came up.  Currently, there are signs in the location and a crosswalk painted on Baker Street.

Initially, the school wanted to place a low, temporary, sign in the street advising drivers to yield to pedestrians during soccer events.  The discussion evolved into tactical urbanism and speed humps, or a speed table was suggested.

A speed table is as wide as the roadway and about 10 feet long. The speed table would ramp up to 3 inches on each side with the tabletop being almost 10 feet wide.  It has yellow squares on the surface that are reflective.

The school is interested in purchasing a tabletop speed hump for the crosswalk but would need the Board of Public Works and Safety approval.  The crosswalk would be temporary and only out during the soccer season.  Marquardt suggested temporary signage on both ends warning drivers of the speed hump. 

Councilman Don Ecker saw the concern for pedestrian traffic crossing Baker Street and motioned to approve the school’s request to purchase a tabletop speed hump. 

City Attorney Jeff Houin contacted the Public Works Department in South Bend about borrowing one of their temporary crossings if they are not being used.  He said it’s unlikely that South Bend has a time when they aren’t in use.     

Councilman Duane Culp seconded the motion to allow the school to move forward with the purchase.

Councilman Randy Longanecker who lives just off Baker Street said there are more issues than just at that crossing.  He feels having to drive over the crosswalk daily will be annoying.  He said there is also an issue with the kids crossing at Baker and Columbus.  Longenecker said he understands the safety concerns but would only want the traffic-calming solution in place during the soccer season. 

The Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved the purchase of a temporary crossing structure for the Plymouth School Corporation.