Plymouth Mayor, Mark Senter was the guest speaker at Wednesday’s Chamber of Commerce Annual Luncheon and Awards event.  Following his speech, he presented a Key to the City.

Mayor Mark called Christ Kurtis from Christo’s Family Dining who was catering the event to the stage and read a proclamation.

The Proclamation said:

Christ Kurtis has dedicated his life to this community and has demonstrated in many practical ways his deep and genuine love for the City of Plymouth and Marshall County.

And WHEREAS, Chris came to Plymouth in 1992 and purchased Ike’s Diner on North Michigan Street. He closed Ike’s, remodeled the building, and opened Christo’s in April of 1993. Since it has been a meeting place for thousands of Marshall County residents and those traveling or meeting someone halfway from their homes.

 And WHEREAS, in 1997 Christ opened the Christo’s Banquet Center which had been a mainstay of our community with thousands of dinners, receptions, banquets, and meetings until it was sold in late 2022;

And WHEREAS, Chris married Pam, a Fed Ex pilot, in 1999, and they have two children: Takis and Eleni. Ironically, they are both kids who are Eagle Scouts. Takis got his in 2017 and Eleni was one of the first girls in the Northern Indiana Council to become an Eagle Scout last year; They both also attended Culver Academies.

And NOW, therefore, I, Mark Senter, by the virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor, and on behalf of the entire City Council and all our citizens, do hereby present the Key to the City of Plymouth to Christ Kurtis and wish him the best in all of his future endeavors.