Lindie Leary, the Director of the Bowen Center in Marshall County appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners last week to request a letter of support for the Bowen Center to be designated as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC).

Leary explained that designating the Bowen Center as a CCBHC would strengthen its capacity to deliver comprehensive mental health and substance use services.  The designation would also expand the Bowen Center’s ability to serve a larger population with increased access to care.

Leary explained that the Bowen Center is already providing seven of the nine required services to attain the designation.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer moved and Commission Mike Burroughs seconded the motion to support the Bowen Center in being designated as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic.

The Commissioners also approved a proposal from HyperWave Consulting to take over and fix the county’s live streaming of Live meetings happening in the second-floor meeting room.

HyperWave President Dan Sammartano and Director of Information Technology Robert Barcus presented the proposal to upgrade to the current system and aid in the management and improvement of streaming capabilities.

The current provider, BSI hasn’t effectively addressed problems with the online streaming and fixing the monitors in the meeting room that project on the large screens and the monitors in front of the commissioners, council members, and other meeting participants. 

Barcus said he will test the current system’s components before ordering any additional equipment.   The new system will livestream meetings through YouTube, which will result in cost savings.  Estimated hardware and labor costs are $12,340.

Marshall County IT Director Michael Marshall appeared before the commissioner to voice his support of the change. Commissioner Mike Burroughs moved, and Commissioner Overmyer seconded the motion which unanimously passed.   The commissioners approved up to $15,000 to HyperWave for equipment.  They also approved the monthly fee of $1,500