This week the Plymouth City Council considered an Intergovernmental Agreement that pertains to building inspection coverage during the absence of Marshall County Building Commissioner Steve Howard.

County Building Inspector Steve Howard is out of his office due to a medical issue for an undetermined amount of time and Plymouth Building Commissioner Dennis Manuwal, Jr. agreed to help the county with inspections. 

The agreement compensates the City of Plymouth for the hours that Manuwal works for the county doing building inspections and such. 

The agreement, written by City Attorney Sean Surrisi also compensates the city for mileage using the city’s vehicle and will compensate Manuwal when he uses his personal vehicle conducting county business.

Plymouth City Councilman Don Ecker expressed his concerns with the added workload and stress of taking on the additional responsibilities for the county.  Ecker was willing to accept the agreement but requested the addition of an expiration date which will allow the city to reevaluate the agreement and pressure placed on City Building Inspector Dennis Manuwal. 

The Plymouth City Council unanimously approved the intergovernmental agreement with a termination date of January 31, 2024, unless the agreement is terminated before that date.