On Thursday, November 9th, WSBT TV reported that some candidates in northcentral Indiana were considering a recount because of the closeness of their races.

The November 7th Municipal General Election in Plymouth saw one very close race, that for Mayor of the city.  Democratic Mayor-Elect Robert Listenberger beat Republican Greg Compton by 18 votes.  

While the Marshall County Election Board hasn’t yet certified the November 7th election results, the report from election night showed that Compton received 73 paper absentee votes, 167 walk-in absentee votes, and 474 Election Day votes for a total of 714 votes or 49.38%.  Listenberger’s votes were reported at 57 paper absentee votes, 242 walk-in absentee votes, and 433 Election Day votes for a total of 732 votes or 50.62%.

Last week Compton told WSBT he was considering a recount but wouldn’t share the reasoning behind his comment.

WTCA attempted to contact the Marshall County Clerk’s Office on Friday, but county offices were closed for the Veterans Day holiday.  Monday morning, County Clerk Jenny Bennitt did tell WTCA, “Greg Compton has not asked for a recount at this time.”

Candidates who seek a recount are responsible for costs that aren’t too costly in a small community like Plymouth with only five precincts and they can use campaign funds to pay for a recount.

A recount must be requested by November 27th and must be completed by December 20th.