During last week’s County Commissioner meeting two individuals spoke during the Public Comment portion of the meeting.

While Richard Parker who lives on Union Road thanked Commissioner Stan Klotz for the recent repairs to potholes on Union Road, he wanted to know when the highway department will be repaving Union Road. 

County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters said the bid letting for the bridge on Union Road was held and LaPorte Construction was the low bidder at $921,475.43 with the total cost of the bridge including engineering being $1,141,542.  The construction will start in late winter or early spring.  Peters said that work on Union Road won’t be completed until the bridge project is completed.  He said he anticipates hiring the paving contractor for the bridge to complete the road paving project too as a way to save money. 

Sandra Wymer who lives in the 13,000 block of Michigan Road asked the commissioners about a noise ordinance.  She said her neighbors across the street play loud music “all hours of the night.” Wymer said the Sheriff’s Department said the county doesn’t have a noise ordinance, but noise complaints are logged, and they encouraged her to speak to the neighbors. 

Wymer also complained about the neighbors across the street having free-range goats. She was advised by County Attorney Jim Clevenger that there is no noise ordinance in the County, but that there is an ordinance and state statute for animals running at large.  She was told to call the Sheriff’s Department and report each time the goats are wandering off the property.  It was also suggested that she take pictures of the violations.