Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters updated the County Commissioners on Monday with road cuts, bridge projects, road work, and more.

The commissioners approved the requests to work in the county’s right-of-way for road cuts, bores, and aerial work for two projects for Brightspeed and six projects for NIPSCO.

Superintendent Peters told the commissioners that Bridge #1004 on Elm Road should be open by this Friday, November 10th, and Bridge #87 on 11th Road is on scheduled to be completed by next Friday, November 17th while Bridge #120 on Upas Road is 75% complete.  The superintendent said Bridge #232 on Randolph Street in Centennial Park is to be let for bidding next October.  Peters said everyone is aware of the Blueberry Festival and the need to start construction after the festival.

The Mill Pond Dam inspection was completed.  A meeting will be held in the next few weeks to review the report and hear the recommendations going forward.  Peters said the good news is that the condition of the dam hasn’t changed significantly since the 2015 inspection, but it was deemed in poor condition then and still is.    

Paving by the County Highway Department continues.  They have completed 1st Road from Tamarack to Queen, Oak Road from 1st Road to Tyler, Quince Road from 4B to U.S.6, 11B from Nutmeg to Maple Road, 14th Road between Michigan and Juniper and 14th Road from Juniper to Hickory.  In total these projects total 11.5 miles.

The highway department has received the new payloader and the commissioners approved advertising for annual bid supplies and materials.  Bids will be opened immediately following the regular December 4th meeting.   

Superintendent Peters said a call for federally funded projects will be happening soon.  He proposed two different projects and the commissioners approved submitting both projects.  The first is Bridge # 108 on 7th Road east of State Road 331.  The estimated cost is $1.9 million. If awarded, federal funds will cover $1.3 million, and the county will be responsible for an estimated $383,000.  The second project is major improvements to Linden Road between State Road 10 and 17th Road.  The estimated cost is $6.2 million.  If awarded, federal funds would cover just over $5 million, and the county would be responsible for $1.2 million.

Peters said he believes Linden Road will be a major arterial road when the state starts working on the intersection of U.S. 31 and State Road 10 along with the future work of turning the remaining portion of U.S. 31 in Marshall County into a freeway.  Peters told the commissioners he hears that construction on the State Road 10 intersection at Argos is scheduled for 2028 but no one has seen any design work yet. The highway superintendent said he wanted to be proactive on the Linden Road project, thinking ahead of the state’s work.