The votes came in quickly Tuesday evening in the Municipal General Elections in Marshall County and the race for mayor of the City of Plymouth is finally known.  Democrat Robert Listenberger won by 18 votes gathering 732 votes to Republican Greg Compton’s 714 votes.  Both candidates were city council members so that made changes for the three At-Large seats on the council.

There were three Republican and three Democrat candidates running to fill the three At-Large open seats.  The top three vote-getters were Republican Linda Starr with 779 votes, Democrat Dave Morrow with 707 votes, and Republican Kayla Krathwohl with 672 votes.  The other candidates vying for a set were the incumbent Democrat Jeff Houin who received 654 votes, Republican Brandon Richie with 612 votes, and Democrat Jennifer Fonseca with 436 votes. 

The Plymouth City Council District seats won’t change.  The Republican incumbent for District One, Duane Culp took 126 votes and his challenger Megan Rogers only received 73 votes.  In District Two, Republican incumbent Don Ecker Jr won with 232 votes to his Democratic challenger Cooky Olivarez Jr. who only received 110 votes. Democratic incumbent Shiloh Carothers Milner keeps her seat for District Three.  She was challenged by Republican Andrew Atkins who received 174 votes.  The District Four seat will remain Republican with Randy Longanecker the incumbent winning with 302 votes.  His challenger, Democrat Cathy Huff Wraight received 209 votes. 

Also for the City of Plymouth, Republican incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski received 1047 votes and wasn’t challenged for her position.

The other municipal races in Marshall County included Argos, Bourbon, and Culver. 

In Argos, Clerk-Treasurer Lisa Mullaney received 73 votes and wasn’t challenged for her seat.

The Argos Town Council had three seats open and four candidates, so the top three vote-getters won.  The winners were Republican incumbent Charles Randy Snead with 67 votes.  The Democratic incumbent, Shawn Harley received 59 votes and Republican Robert Byers gathered 56 votes.  The Democrat incumbent Gary Schue only received 46 votes.

In Bourbon, just like Plymouth and Argos, the Clerk-Treasurer wasn’t challenged.  Democrat incumbent Kim Berger received 120 votes. 

The Bourbon Town Council had two seats open and three candidates.  Democrat Jonah Best received the most votes with 101 and Republican incumbent Terry Clemens took 99 votes.  Coming in third was Republican Spencer Standley with 94 votes. 

The Culver Clerk-Treasurer, Karen Heim didn’t have a challenger and received 185 votes. 

The Culver Town Council had three open seats and four candidates.  Republican Dana Neer received the most votes with 154 followed by Republican incumbent Sally Ricciardi who received 152 votes and Republican Ginny Bess Munroe will fill the final seat by gathering 147 votes.  The Democratic incumbent, Richard West, only received 121 votes.   

Voter turnout in Marshall County was 22.17% and 367 Republicans voted straight tickets while 162 Democrats voted straight party tickets.  There were no provisional ballots, but the Vote Center at the Knights of Columbus did have three individuals offer write-ins for mayor.

These results won’t be certified by the Marshall County Election Board until November 17th.