The Plymouth Community School Corporation will conduct its monthly school board meeting on Tuesday, November 7th at 7 p.m. in the Administration Board Room, behind Plymouth High School.  The meeting is open to the public and there will be time for the public to participate on agenda items during the meeting.

The School Board will consider retirements, resignations, appointments, and transfers of employees and staff.    

Retirements:  Shelley Johnson, WDA, Special Education Aide, retirement effective 12-31-23

Resignations: Karlie Gibson, JEF, MTSS Team, resignation effective 10-09-23, Dr Sarah Hickle, NIESC LEA, Director of Academic Innovation, resignation effective 10-13-23, Jia Bloom, PHS, Building Specific Substitute Teacher, resignation effective 10-11-23, Grant Masson, PHS, Soccer Boys Head Coach & Soccer Summer Boys Head Coach, resignation effective 10-12-23, Chloe Eichel, PHS, Special Education Aide-Intense Interventions, resignation effective 11-03-23, Dr Michelle Grewe, NIESC LEA, Director of Professional Learning, resignation effective 11-04-23, Allison Rhodes, LJH, Special Education Aide, resignation effective 10-24-23

Appointments: Sonja Soria, SVC, Special Education Bus Aide-Intense Interventions, effective 10-05-23, Michael Smith III, RIS, Basketball 6th Grade Boys Head Coach, effective 10-09-23, Jeannie Pedersen-Smith, RIS, 5th Grade Choir, effective 08-09-22, Ana Exiga, LEC, Adult Education Assistant-Translator, effective 11-07-23, Josh Carlton, LJH, Wrestling Assistant Coach, effective 01-09-24, Alicia Pesak, WDA, EL Aide, effective 10-25-23, Cheryl Caine, LJH, split Department Chair-Science, effective 08-09-23, Robert Garrity, LJH, split Department Chair-Science, effective 08-09-23, Jason Humphrey, RIS, Basketball 6th Grade Boys Assistant Coach, effective 10-27-23, Richard Thoden, PHS, Building Specific Substitute Teacher, effective 11-06-23, John Johnson, PHS, Winter Athletic Event Coordinator, effective 11-09-23, Michael Souders, RIS, Wrestling Head Coach, effective 01-09-24

Transfers: Christina Quint, WDA, Substitute Aoide Transfer to WDA, ESSER Aide-Kindergarten, effective 10-03-23, Olivia Dudash, WDA, ESSER Aide-Kindergarten Transfer to WDA, Special Education Aide-Intense Interventions, effective 10-02-23, Samantha Kneifel, WEB, Substitute Aide Transfer to WEB, Special Education Aide-Intense Interventions, effective 10-24-23, Cheryl Siddall, LJH, Cafeteria Server Transfer to ADM, Substitute Cafeteria, effective 10-27-23, Hope Koontz, ADM, Substitute Teacher-Aide Transfer to PHS, Special Education Aide, effective 11-06-23, Jennifer Maddox, ADM, Substitute Teacher-Aide Transfer to PHS, Special Education Aide, effective 11-06-23, Robert Ellis, SVC, Bus Driver Trainee Transfer to SVC, Bus Driver, effective 11-01-23, Rochelle Overholser, ADM, Cafeteria Substitute Transfer to LJH, Cafeteria Server, effective 11-06-23

The Plymouth School Board will also consider the Lincoln Junior High 8th Grade trip to Washington DC Thursday, May 30th through Monday, June 3rd.  The PHS Cheerleaders are also requesting to fundraise November through January at home basketball games and in the community to purchase a new cheer mat estimated to cost $10,000 to $12,000.  They will sell raffle tickets for a Yeti package and corn hold boards. 

Business items on the school board’s agenda include considering permission to advertise for sealed bids for Internet Access and Data Transmission Services, consideration of a proposal from BCV for architecture and engineering services for renovations at the high school and service center, and a resolution to determine the significant negative lunch account balances to be a bad debt.  The total amount not collected for the 2022-23 school year was $9,748.13.  The agenda also includes the disposal of surplus Property including 15 pieces of exercise equipment at the high school valued at $4650 and 30 large storage cabinets at Washington Discovery Academy valued at $5,000.  

The School Board will consider memorandums of understanding with Plymouth Wesleyan Church and LifePlex for locations to move students to in case of the need to evacuate and Superintendent Mitch Mawhorter will present the first reading of new and revised policies and guidelines as well as seek permission to hire.  It’s anticipated the Plymouth school board will also ratify the 2023-24 Master Contract. 

The school board meeting begins at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 7th.