The Marshall County Commissioners had a busy agenda for Monday’s meeting.  Several ordinances were approved on their second and third readings. 

The county’s H.R. Administrator Jennifer Daake presented the ordinance amending the county’s Personal Policies Handbook for second reading.  The ordinance amendment clarifies holiday pay, sick days, and personal days.  The ordinance does state that the commissioners designate the holidays, and that holiday pay is determined by hours worked.

The commissioners suspended the rules and approved the ordinance amendment on the second and the third readings. 

Faith Freed, Environmentalist with the Marshall County Health Department presented the On-Site Sewage Systems ordinance for 2nd reading.  The ordinance was given to the County by the State Health Department which mandated the changes that went into effect July 1st

The commissioners suspended the rules and approved the new ordinance on the second and third readings.  The ordinance must now be published in a local newspaper before being enacted on January 1st, 2024.

The final ordinance presented and approved on both the second and third readings was presented by Ty Adley, the County Plan Director.  The ordinance will modify fees for building permits and variances and such to help cover the true cost to the county so those using the services are paying for the services instead of having taxpayers paying for something they aren’t receiving.