Members of the Marshall County Election Board, Rick Huff the Democrat, Adam Lukenbill the Republican, and County Clerk Jenny Bennitt met at 1 p.m. Monday after the early voting polls closed.   The Election Board members needed to count the early mail-in and travel board ballots to make sure their count matched the Absentee Voter Board’s numbers.  The Absentee Voter Board included Donna Pontius and Barb Holcomb. 

Registered voters in 11 precincts have been able to vote early by walk-in voting, mail-in ballots, or through the travel board.  Those ballots have been kept sealed and today were split into various precincts.  Today’s count by the Election Board revealed a total of 425 individuals voting in the Clerk’s Office, 9 people voting in Argos, and 51 in Culver this past Saturday.  There were also 19 voters in Bourbon the prior Saturday for a total of 504 walk-in votes.  There were 108 absentee ballots received in the mail and 31 individuals voted by the Travel Board.  The Election Board also received 1 email ballot.  The total early municipal election ballots cast totaled 643.    

Marshall County uses Vote Centers so anyone can vote at any of the five Vote Centers in Marshall County today from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.   Voting Centers are open at the Gallery on West on the Marshall County Fairgrounds in Argos, the Matchett Center in Bourbon, the Culver School Administration Building in Culver and the Knights of Columbus or Life Enrichment Center in Plymouth.