Municipal Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7th and the polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Voting Centers will be open in Argos, Bourbon, Culver, and Plymouth.  Registered voters will be able to vote at any of the Vote Centers in Marshall County.  Voting Centers are in the Gallery on West at the Marshall County Fairgrounds in Argos at 211 West Street.  The Bourbon Vote Center is located at the Matchett Center at 805 North Harris Street, and in Culver, the Vote Center is in the Culver School Administration Building at 700 School Street.   There are two Vote Centers in Plymouth, at the Life Enrichment Center at 1305 West Harrison Street, and at the Knights of Columbus at 901 East Jefferson Street.

Plymouth candidates include Republican Greg Compton and Democrat Robert Listenberger for Mayor, City Council District 1 candidates are Republican incumbent Duane Culp or Democrat candidate Megan Rogers, City Council District 2 Republican incumbent Don Ecker Jr. or Democrat Cayetano (Cooky) Olivarez Jr., City Council District 3 Republican Andrew Atkins or Democrat incumbent Shiloh Carothers Milner, and City Council District 4 Republican incumbent Randy Longanecker or Democrat Cathy Huff Wraight.  There are three Republican candidates for the 3 At-Large open seats: Kayla Krathwohl, Brandon Richie, and Linda Starr, and 3 Democratic candidates: incumbent Jeff Houin, Dave Morrow, and Jennifer Fonseca.  

Republican incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski doesn’t have a challenger.

In Argos Republican incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Lisa Mullaney doesn’t have a challenger. 

There are three open seats and four candidates for the town council: Republican incumbent Charles Randy Sneed and Robert D. Byers and the two Democrat candidates are incumbents Shawn Harley and Gary Schue. 

In Bourbon, incumbent Democrat Clerk-Treasurer Kimberly Berger doesn’t have a race. 

There are two open seats for the town council: Republican incumbent Terry Clemens and Spencer Standley and Democrat Jonah Best.     

Culver Republic incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim doesn’t have a challenger.

The Culver Town Council has three open seats and four candidates: Republican incumbent Sally Ricciardi, Ginney Bess Munroe, and Dana Neer, and Democrat incumbent Richard (Rich) West.