The Marshall County Museum in downtown Plymouth is hosting two Grand Opening events this Saturday, November 4th

According to the History Channel, “Fire control changed the course of human evolution, allowing our ancestors to stay warm, cook food, ward off predators, and venture into harsh climates.” However, the growth of urban centers brought new challenges to the meaning of “fire control.” As towns and cities formed and then became more densely populated, flammable building materials posed increased risks. For instance, many are familiar with the Great Chicago Fire. However, what might not be as well-known was that this was an increasingly common occurrence nationally in towns big and small.  Marshall County was no exception to the rule, as many of the communities experienced devastating downtown fires beginning in the mid-1850s. But out of these disasters came better safety standards over time.

Join the Mashall County Museum at their Grand Opening Saturday at 10:00 a.m. as they explore Marshall County On Fire, one of two new exhibits.

Next Stop Marshall County! The second new exhibit to open on Saturday involves trains.  Have you heard of a town called North Salem? Have you ever wondered why our traffic signals are the colors that they are? What exactly is a Doodlebug? Why are people who drive trains called engineers? When did Montgomery Wards come to Plymouth? How dangerous is it to work on the railroad? Join the Marshall County Museum as they sightsee some of their railroad history, where answers to these questions and many more await you. 

Don’t miss the Grand Opening of these two new exhibits this Saturday at 10:00.  The museum has extended the Train Room hours this Saturday until 2:00 in celebration of the openings. Visitors can enjoy storytellers sharing the newspaper accounts of early train tragedies. (Discretion advised; some details may be too strong for the littles.)

Regular museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The Museum is located at 123 N. Michigan St., in historic downtown Plymouth. Phone 574-936-2306 for more information.