Last week the Culver Town Council considered a resolution recommended by the Culver Economic Development Commission to designate an Economic Development Target Area for The Dunes project.

Kevin Danti, newly elected president of the CEDC presented the resolution and said the commission met earlier on the 24th and unanimously approved sending a favorable recommendation to the Culver Town Council for the Economic Development Target Area.   

That resolution was unanimously approved by the council.

The Culver Town Council then approved the second and third readings of the ordinance designating an Economic Development Target Area for the Dunes project that will be developed on South Main Street.  The third reading will be considered at the council’s next meeting on Tuesday, November 14.

The Dunes project is being developed by Culver Equities, LLC and Attorney Burke Richeson is representing Allan Collins in this unique residential development.  This project will be constructed on 27 acres in phases and could take 4 to 5 years to complete. In total 301 residential living units are proposed, 132 apartments in 8 buildings, 28 duplex units, and 20 senior living residences along with 29 single-family rental homes and 92 single-family homes that will be sold. Amenities are planned as well including outdoor sports courts, a park, a walking path, a golf cart trail, and a dog park.  This project has been compared to Centennial Crossings in Plymouth. 

During the Dunes update in the Culver Town Council meeting, several people voiced their concerns over the size of the project and potential traffic issues. Town Manager Kevin Danit said they’ve requested a traffic survey with the assistance of AMCOG.   Kaitlyn Stevens said they will not only look at automobile traffic but golf cart traffic and boat traffic.  He anticipates a preliminary report within the next few weeks.

Danit said another major concern of Culver residents is the number of units proposed at 301.  A question was asked about access to the development from State Road 17. The developer isn’t interested because he feels the residential community will see additional vehicular traffic using the development as a shortcut to State Road 17.  Locals are concerned with additional traffic on Main Street, and it’s hoped the Traffic Study by MACOG will assist in looking at this concern. 

Waylin Peterson, who lives on Sycamore Road voiced his concerns on the additional traffic the development will bring.  He said there is already a problem in the two corners near the proposed development.  He asked if there would be right-turn lanes or a golf cart or bike lane.

Mike Stallings of East Lake Shore Drive questioned the date of the bond closing for the project.  Tentatively it’s been scheduled for December 31st, 2023.  He asked about an impact study before the bond closing.

Town Attorney Jim Clevenger said the aggressive calendar was set many months ago.  The project is moving slower than anticipated and the city doesn’t have to have the bond closing by the end of the year, it can go into 2024.     

Leann Weatherby who lives on 18B Road expressed concern about construction traffic and the Town Manager said it has been addressed with the developer and it won’t be going through town.

Mr. Clark from East Shore Drive asked about the environmental impact and the Town Manager said the Army Corp of Engineers looked at the wetland impact and since federal grant funds are involved it is an important part of the project.      

Additional information on the Dunes project can be found on the Town of Culver website at and citizens can contact the Culver Town Manager with additional questions.