The Marshall County Election Board meets Tuesday morning in the Clerk’s Office.

Board President Rick Huff said two candidates submitted their financial reports late and one committee still has not submitted the report.

The Political Action Committee (PAC) Friends of Culver Community Schools has not yet turned in their report and Clerk Jenny Bennitt said this stems from 2018 and their reports are always late.  Attempts have been made to contact the person listed in the report, but they are no longer active with the group and couldn’t provide any additional information.  They tried to contact the superintendent’s office and left a message but didn’t receive a response.  The committee had approximately $1,800 cash on hand at last year’s report, which was in April of 2023.  The penalty can be up to $50 a day.  Mike Pazin is the person who was listed in the report as the responsible party. 

The Election Board decided to send a letter to Pazin telling him that he is listed as the responsible person on the form and is responsible for providing information if a new person is handling those responsibilities.  The letter will serve as notification of the daily penalties of $50 the committee could be acquiring.

The other two candidates who filed late were Ginny Bess Munroe and Robert Byers.  Munroe filed her Finance Report on October 24 and Byers filed his Finance Report on October 27th.   Munroe will be fined $50, and Byers will be fined $75 for their non-compliance.

The Election Board also received an update on early voting.  The Marshall County Clerk’s Office has had 292 walk-in voters, Bourbon had 19 on Saturday.  There have been 70 Absentee Ballots received and 21 individuals have voted with the Travel Board.

Early voting continues in the Clerk’s Office in the Courthouse from 8 to 4 on Friday and then on Monday until noon.   Early voting will also be his Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. in Culver at the school administration building and in Argos at the Fair Grounds as well as the Marshall County Clerk’s Office.

The Election Board will meet next Monday, November 6th at 1 p.m. and members will sort the mail-in and ballots.

Susie Kreighbum will be replacing Rich Huff on the Election Board next year beginning January 1st when he retires.