The City of Plymouth will be electing a new mayor on Tuesday, November 7th in the Municipal General Election.  There are two candidates, Greg Compton and Robert Listenberger. 

WTCA obtained a copy of the most recent financial report, this one is dated from April 8th through October 13th.

Looking at the report for candidate Greg Compton, the 17-page report was prepared by Tami Napier and dated October 20th.

It shows cash on hand at $1,601.40.  There was $16,575 of itemized contributions and $420 in unitemized contributions for a total of $16,995 and adding in the cash on hand a total of $18,596.40. 

The report had 9 pages of individual contributions that ranged in amount from $25 up to $1,000.  There were 2 pages of Political Action contributions that included $100 from Senter for Mayor Campaign, $500 from Friends of Jack Jordan, $100 from Duane Culp for Plymouth City Council, $500 from DPGB Political Action Committee in Indianapolis, $500 from Republicans United to Defend in Virginia, $500 from the Midwest PAC in Loogoette, $1,000 from the Committee to Elect Bohacek for Senate, $100 from the Stan Klotz for Commissioner, $500 from the Mishler for Senate Committee and $166.21 from the Marshall County Republican Central Committee.

Compton’s Campaign Finance Report had 2 pages of contributions from corporations including $100 donations from Birchmeier Rentals, and Robertson Cook Agency, $200 donations from Harman Restaurants and Chris & Chris Inc.  $250 donations came from Louis Plumlee Dentist and Bartlett Blake, Inc.  There was also a $500 contribution from the Plymouth Foundry and $1,000 contributions from Bowman’s Tin Shop and Property Management, LLC.      

Expenses for Compton included $9,721.10 of itemized expenses. Expenses include radio and newspaper advertising, a social media person, Blueberry Parade entry, hole sponsorships at the Big Red Open and Republican Golf outing, event charge at The REES, catering with Christo’s, advertising material from Bowen Printing, and a sign permit fee.

Greg Compton’s report lists cash on hand at the end of this reporting period of $8,875.30. 

Robert Listenberger’s Campaign Finance Report is 10 pages long and was prepared by Melissa Neidlinger on October 13th

The report showed cash on hand on April 8th of $7,150.60 with itemized contributions of $6,871.38 and unitemized contributions of $2,428.49 for a total of $9,299.87.  Adding in the cash on hand the report shows the total contributions for the period of $16,450.47. 

The report has 2 pages of individual contributions ranging from $150 up to $1,500.  There was 1 page of contributions from corporations and the only one listed was $2,000 from A&K Industries.  The report has one contribution from a Labor Organization in the amount of $1,000 from North Indiana Operators. 

Expensed for Listenberger’s report a total of $13,310.47 in itemized expenses and no unitemized expenses.  His expenses included radio and newspaper advertising, printing expenses with Bowen Printing and the UPS Store, website expenses, advertising supplies, and design, event rental cost, Blueberry Festival, Senior Expo, and $100 contributions to Democratic candidates Dave Morrow, Shiloh Milner, Jeff Houin, Megan Roger, Cayetano Olverez, $200 to the LaSalle Council of Boy Scouts. 

Robert Listenberger’s report lists cash on hand at the close of this reporting period of $3,140.