On Wednesday, October 25 the Euclid Quartet from IUSB visited the Plymouth High School Orchestra.  During their visit, they worked with a student quartet (pictured) to help them prepare for the ISSMA Solo/Ensemble contest that is hosted by PHS in February.  “It was a cool experience getting to learn from such accomplished musicians,” said Lauren Gurtner.  And as sophomore Emaline VanDuyne said, “They were very sweet and patient working with us and I really appreciated the time they used to come and help us.”

The Euclid Quart also played for the class and offered a Question and Answer session with students.  “Seeing people from different backgrounds and ethnicities come together through music was really neat.”  William Downey, Senior cello player.  It was a great experience for everyone and will hopefully be the start of a strong relationship between these local musicians and the Plymouth Community School Corporation students. 

Group photo-

Students L-R:  Bailey Edmiston, Emaline VanDuyne, Lauren Gurtner, Jersey Hunter

Euclid Quartet (Standing) L-R:  Luis Vargas, Aviva Hakanoglu, Jameson Cooper, Justin Goldsmith