The Niles Scream Park proudly welcomed and hosted the wedding of Ben & Cora Brooks of South Bend, Indiana on Friday, October 13th.

Organizers of the Park met with the couple in the Summer and slowly brought their dream of getting
married at the Niles Scream Park to life! Their love for Halloween and the annual tradition of attending
the Park sparked the idea of sealing their vows for one another in a place that felt like home to them.
Cora has been attending the Park since 2007 and when she met Ben in 2020, the tradition of attending
the 44-acre project continued as a couple.

Ben met the love of his life through Facebook because they both love “freaky weird stuff” and they feel
that the Niles Scream Park embodies that. Since they met one another, Ben has been visiting the Park
every year.

Providing chilling entertainment for the last consecutive 50 years, the Niles Scream Park was honored to
host such a memorable moment in their lives and hopes that their tradition of attending the Park
continues for many years to come!

Open weekends through October 29th and Friday and Saturday, November 3rd and 4th, the Scream Park
is located on Mayflower Road in Niles, Michigan. The Park easily is accessed by taking Exit 5 Niles Buchanan Road from the US 31 Expressway.

For more information call 269-687-FEAR or check out the website at