GIANT fm WTCA will host a Meet the Candidates Night for the town council candidates in Argos, Bourbon, and Culver.

The event will be like the last two Thursday night events. 

We will begin with three of the four candidates from Argos.  There are 3 seats open on the council and 4 candidates Robert Byers (R), Gary Schue (D), and Charles Randy Snead (R) committed to attend.  Shawn Harley (D) has a work commitment and will be unable to attend.

Bourbon Town Council has 2 seats open with 3 candidates, all of whom have said they will attend.  The Bourbon Town Council candidates attending are Jonah Best (D), Terry Clemens (R), and Spencer Standley (R).

The Culver Town Council has 3 seats open and 4 candidates.  Ginney Bess Munroe (R), and Dana Neer (R) have committed to attend the Meet the Candidates Night.  Sally Ricciardi (R) won’t be attending due to visitors and Richard West (D) has a conflict and doesn’t think he will get to the WTCA studios in time.

Each candidate will have about 10 minutes.  Laura Mann and possibly Tyson Conrady with GIANT FM WTCA will spend about 10 minutes with each candidate.  They will give some basic information about themselves and then answer a couple of basic questions about the communities they want to represent.  Each candidate will also have a couple of minutes at the close of their interview for a closing statement. 

Meet the Candidates on WTCA tonight is sponsored by The Floor Store in downtown Plymouth.