During Monday’s Plymouth Common Council meeting council members considered the application of Debra Venti for a Commercial Revitalization Program Grant for renovations to her building located at 215 North Michigan Street.

Venit told the council she purchased the building in June and began making plans to renovate the second-floor space into her personal residence.  She said initially there were 4 small apartments on the second floor, but she is creating a 2,500-square-foot condo. 

The Commercial Revitalization Rebate Program is available to commercial property owners to assist with and encourage the renovation of the exterior of buildings.  Through an application process, property owners can qualify for a rebate of up to 20% of the qualifying project costs with a maximum payment allowable of $25,000.

Venti said she’s helped to revitalize two towns along her life’s journey, one in North Carolina and one in Mississippi.  She said, “It’s very crucial that living spaces in the downtown are compatible with the retail spaces down below.  With that being said, you want the people living downtown that will spend money downtown and invest in the community.  I feel very passionate about that. ”   

Venie’s improvements to the property at 215 North Michigan Street that qualify for the rebate are on the rear of the building. The repairs include the rear façade improvements, a deck, pergola, and foundation work.

The Plymouth City Council considered the application for the renovation work which totaled $20,856.66. They awarded Debra Venti of Venti’s Casa, LLC a 20% rebate totaling $4,171.33.