Plymouth Fire Chief, Steve Holm asked the Board of Public Works and Safety to approve a conditional offer of employment to John Lampkins Monday evening.

The chief said with his move to a Monday through Friday, 7 to 3 position, the full-time firefighter’s shift he was holding is open.  They accepted applications and interviewed one application.  He said this time they did an internal interview with department medics and firefighters participating.   

The applicant, John Lampkins is currently a firefighter with 12 years of experience and a paramedic for 8 years. He’s been working as a full-time firefighter/paramedic for another department for the past 6 years.  Lampkins is an instructor for both EMS and fire, has many certifications, and has been a volunteer in the Lakeville and LaPaz area for a number of years.  

The chief said the applicant has completed and passed the physical agility test and written firefighter test.

The Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved the conditional offer of employment.