On October 16th the Marshall County Commissioners heard a request from Jennifer Daake, the county’s HR Administrator to amend the Personnel Policies Handbook to better clarify the holiday, sick, and personal time. 

The commissioners had been emailed the ordinance before the meeting and didn’t have any questions during the public meeting on the amendment. 

The ordinance states that the commissioners designate the holidays recognized by the county and holiday pay is determined by hours worked.  

7 hours for employees working a 7-hour shift

7.5 hours for employees working a 7.5-hour shift

8 hours for employees working an 8-hour shift

8 hours for employees working a 10-hour shift

8 hours for employees working a 12-hour shift.

Employees will receive monetary compensation for holiday pay and shall not be credited with compensatory time-off credit instead of monetary compensation.

The county’s sick time leave says employees will earn a total of 6 sick days per year.  New employees cannot use paid sick leave until they have been employed by the county for 90 days.  The same chart as above will be used to determine the hours.  Those employees working 8, 10, and 12-hour shifts are eligible for 8 hours.    Sick days are earned on the first day of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

The county’s sick leave policy states the leave is to be used for injury or illness, to avoid jeopardizing the health of other employees, and to escort relatives to doctor’s appointments. Employees can accrue up to 36 days but there is no payment instead of sick leave. 

County employees earn 4 Personal days each year on their anniversary which must be used before the next anniversary date and cannot be accrued.  Unless an emergency exists, the department head must receive a request one day in advance.