Additional issues with the relocation of the NIPSCO high-pressure gas main continue to slow down the city’s project to widen Hoham Driver between North Michigan Street and Western Avenue. 

During the Redevelopment Commission meeting last week, City Attorney Sean Surrisi told members the project had another delay due to NIPSCO. The gas line was relocated and installed in the location that was selected for the storm sewer line.  The attorney said this issue is the requirement to have separation. 

Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson told the commission they gave NIPSCO a couple of alternative solutions to consider in resolving the problem.  He said they could either move the gas main to the correct location or the city would have to drop the water main lower down in the project to meet the separation requirements.

NIPSCO would like to see the cost estimates of the options since they will be responsible for covering the additional costs. Milestone is working on those estimates.

Surrisi said Milestone is still hopeful they will be able to get a solution for the incorrectly installed gas main and have time to install the storm sewer pipe across Michigan Street yet this season.  They may also be able to get the water main project completed.   

Surrisi said they believe sometime around Thanksgiving Hoham Drive will be open to regular traffic over the winter.

Next spring Milestone will come back and do the road widening project to three lanes and install new curbs and gutters before completing the paving work.