Max Schuh was recently presented with the Charles O. Glaub Certificate of Recognition for his 24 years of dedicated service as a Plymouth City Council member.

Max served those 24 years over four decades.  He ran for office and sometimes he wasn’t elected but he never gave up and ran again in commitment to this great city.

“It is this level of continued commitment to servant leadership that inspires me,” said Robert Listenberger, current City Council member and the Democratic candidate for Mayor of Plymouth.  Robert continued, “I firmly believe that we all have a space and place at the table that is the City of Plymouth.  Whether we serve in politics, volunteerism, or in another leadership capacity we are all interconnected to each other.”

City Democrats wanted to recognize and thank Max Schuh for his service to the city. 

Presenting the award were Cliff Allen, Listenberger, and Dave Morrow.