Greg Hildebrand, Executive Director of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (MCECD) addressed the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission Tuesday evening speaking to them about the annual agreement. 

The 2024 agreement is the same as this year. 

Hildebrand said, “Thank you for partnering with us.  Your contribution goes a long way to help the MCEDC.” 

Hildebrand told them there was just over $140 million of Cap-X investment in the county last year.  He said that’s the highest it’s been for several years.  The county was also able to retain about 500 jobs due to those investments.

Redevelopment Board member Nancy Felde asked about the cost of the annual agreement.  She said in 2020 the Redevelopment Commission gave $30,000.  In 2021 it was another $30,000.  The commission has also been giving $12,000 to the U.S. 30 Coalition. Nancy said in February there was a payment of $37,500 and asked if it was for 2022 or 2023.  Hildebrand said last year.  She then asked for a breakdown of the $37,500.

Greg Hildebrand explained saying, “The $30,000 is for the MCEDC and the $7,500 is for the U.S. 30 Coalition.” 

Felde then questioned the $12,000 payment and City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the city has been paying the entire amount for Marshall County which was $12,000.  In 2022 the annual amount to the U.S. 30 Coalition increased to $15,000 and the county agreed to pay half with the city paying the other half. 

Surrisi said the U.S. 30 Coalition is an advocacy group charged with upgrading U.S. 30 to a freeway, from Valparaiso to the Ohio line.  We want to ensure that U.S. 30 works for our citizens, businesses, farmers, and all other community members, all while providing safe travel for our drivers so Mayor Senter, County Commissioner Mike Burroughs, and Mr. Hildebrand all represent Marshall County on the coalition.

The Redevelopment Commission unanimously approved the 2024 agreement in the amount of $37,500 to the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation.