GIANT fm WTCA will host a Meet the City Council Candidates Night, Thursday beginning at 6 p.m. on FM 106.1 and AM 1050. 

All seven seats are up for the Municipal General Election on Tuesday, November 7th.  Those seven seats are comprised of four district seats along with three at-large seats. 

The Republicans and Democrats have a full slate of candidates and Kathy and Laura will interview each candidate Thursday.  The format will include spending 2-3 minutes learning about each candidate, 2-3 minutes of questions, and 1-2 minutes for each candidate to give final comments.  The interview process will start randomly with the four district seats although if the Democratic candidate for District 3 is drawn out first they will be followed by the Republican candidate for District 3. The six at-large candidates will be drawn randomly during the evening.

Plymouth Town Council Candidates are:

District 1 R-Duane Culp and D-Megan Rogers

District 2 R-Don Ecker Jr. and D-Cayetano (Cooky) Olivarez Jr.

District 3 R- Andrew Atkins and D-Shiloh Carothers Milner

District 3 R-Randy Longanecker and D-Cathy Huff Wraight

At-Large candidates are D-Jennifer Fonseca, D-Jeff Houin, R-Kayla Krathwohl, D-Dave Morrow, R-Brandon Richie, and R-Linda Starr.   

This is your opportunity as a City of Plymouth registered voter to learn more about each candidate and be an informed voter when you go to the polls and vote. 

Next Thursday evening, October 26th GIANT fm WTCA has invited all the town council candidates from Argos, Bourbon, and Culver to be in the studio at 6 p.m. for interviews.