As the leaves begin to fall, leaf piles will begin to accumulate and the municipalities around Marshall County are gearing up for the leaf pick-up season.

Plymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt told members of the Board of Public Works and Safety that pick-up is underway.  For the next 5 weeks, weather permitting, the employees of the Plymouth Street Department will be sweeping up leaves that are raked to the curb.  Leaves must be raked to the curb but please don’t rake them into the street.  The leaf machine cannot get through the alleys and doesn’t go into the manufactured housing parks. Superintendent Marquardt warned that there is no leaf pick-up in the spring, so he is encouraging people to get out and rake their leaves early and often to make the job easier.    

Starting mid-October, the Culver Street/Utilities Department will pick up piles of leaves raked to the curb and separate piles of branches at the curb. Please keep leaves and branches separate and get both as close to the road as possible but do not place them in the road. Culver Clerk Karen Heim said, “The arm on the leaf truck only extends so far so if you notice a nice line of remaining leaves, they were outside of the arm’s reach.”

Leaf pickup begins on Wednesday, Oct. 18 in Bourbon.  The town will continue daily routine pick-ups through the Wednesday before Thanksgiving weather permitting.   Pickup is every day.  No specific routes.

Bremen’s leaf pick-up began on Monday, Oct 16th, and continues through November 30th.  Bremen residents are asked to place their leaves on their tree lawn next to the curb. Please DO NOT have grass clippings, sticks, or garden waste in your leaf piles. In Bremen, the north/south streets will be picked up on Mondays and Wednesdays and the east/west streets will be picked up on Tuesdays and Thursdays.