Last Monday evening the Plymouth Common Council approved a request to transfer funds within the Fire Department’s line items.

The total amount of the transfer is $7,000 with $1,000 coming from Other Materials, $2,000 from Other Supplies, and $4,000 from Training with $1,200 going into the line item for Physicals and $5,800 into the Equipment line.   

Fire Chief Steve Holm explained the need.  With him moving to a full-time chief’s position and working Monday through Friday he will no longer be filling one of the full-time firefighter shifts.  This change has caused a need to add additional personnel.  A new employee will be required to have a physical for the State Pension Fund and Holm said that line item is already short.  The remaining portion of the transfer will provide the new equipment to outfit the new employee along with some extra supplies that they keep on hand such as structural firefighting gloves, boots, extrication gloves, and things like that they are running short on.

H.R. Administrator Jen Klingerman presented a couple of minor updates to the fire chief’s job description. The previous work schedule was 8-4 but Chief Holm would like to be in the firehouse at shift change so the proposal presented was to move the fire chief’s hours to 7-3 Monday through Friday. The chief will also go out on call as needed.  Another update was under job requirements where prior to this year the age cut-off for the 77-pension plan was 36 years of age and the state updated that to 40. 

The Plymouth Common Council approved the transfer of funds and the modifications to the job description.