Tuesday evening the Bourbon Town Council passed an ordinance to increase the pay for full-time officers.  The increase is on their base pay and was approved at $5,000 yet to be paid this year.  The pay increase will spread equally over the remaining pay periods for 2023.

Bourbon Town Council President Ward Byers led the discussion and said, “Base pay will increase by $1,000 for actively employed full-time officers on each of the payrolls.”     

The Bourbon Police Chief’s pay will increase from $57,165.68 annually to $62,165.68. The Sergeant’s pay will go from $55,595.28 to $60,595.28 and the Patrolmen’s will move from $54,423.20 to $59,423.20.

Bourbon Town Council Vice President Les McFarland clarified that this is a salary increase and not a stipend.  He then motioned to approve the ordinance on the first reading Clerk-Treasurer Kim Baker reminded members that they need to suspend the rules and pass the ordinance on all three readings for it to be effective for the next payroll.  McFarland modified his original motion and approved the police pay increase ordinance on all three readings.  Council member Terry Clemens seconded the motion and all three members voted favorably for the raise. 

Council President Ward Byers commented that the 2024 budget will provide full-time police officers with another $5,000 pay increase.