Ken Olson, an Assistant Principal at Plymouth High School Assistant appeared before the school board last week and outlined new classes the high school will offer next school year. 

Mr. Olson said they are looking to create career pathways that PHS students can attend here without having to attend a shared program. The hope is to also be able to create more opportunities for additional students to receive college credit courses.

PHS is going to expand its Computer Science courses with Topics in Computer Science next year.  This will be the second course in the Computer Science pathway and follows the Principals of Computer Science course that started this school year.   Beginning in the 25-36 school they will add in Computer Science and round out the pathway with Computer Science Capstone in 26-27. 

In the Agriculture offerings the school will offer Precision Agriculture in 24-25, Crop Management in 25-26, and Precision Agriculture Capstone in 26-27.  In 26-27, the school will also add Agribusiness Capstone.  These opportunities will allow PHS to establish a 4th agriculture pathway and will also allow students to gain competencies in one of the fastest-growing and exciting segments of agriculture.

Work Based Learning is a senior year course that prepares students for college and careers.  This offering will allow kids who have completed the pathway to experience the chance to learn at local businesses as internships instead of taking the Capstone courses.        

Mr. Olson discussed the next group of courses that will finish out pathways in Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, and Education Profession.  The next courses are Principals of Fashion and Textiles for the 24-25 school year and will be followed by Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising along with Advances Textiles in 25-26. These courses are building the pathway for the FACS department and will give students a deeper look into the fashion industry.   In the art field, PHS will offer an AP 2D Art course and an AP 3D Art which expands the AP offerings in the arts and will allow students to earn college credits.   

Mr. Olson said PHS will offer classes in entrepreneurship with Principles of Entrepreneurship and New Venture Development along with Small Business Operation for students who are thinking of starting their own business after graduation.

Olson stated that some of the class offerings would only be offered to PHS students while others may be offered as a shared course with other schools in the area. 

The Plymouth School Board unanimously approved the new course offerings detailed by Mr. Olson.