Tuesday evening the Plymouth School Board conducted a public hearing for an additional appropriation.  Steve Boyer, the corporation’s business manager, proposed an additional $1,275,000 to the corporation’s Operations Fund. 

Boyer said, “Our expenditures in the operations fund are projected to finish out the 2023 calendar year at about that much over what the Department of Local Government Finance approved for us to have appropriated.”  He said that was because of underestimating the corporation’s revenues. 

A notice to taxpayers for the requested additional appropriation of $1,275,000 was in the local newspaper on September 20th.  The school board had to adopt the proof of publication before moving forward with the additional appropriation.

The public hearing was opened for public testimony, and no one spoke in favor or against the request for an additional appropriation. 

Mr. Boyer then presented a resolution for the adoption of the additional appropriation which details the request for $1,275,000 into the Operations Fund.  Board member Kurt Christiansen motioned to adopt the resolution and board member Nichole Christy seconded the motion.  It passed the school board with all five members voting in favor.

Mr. Boyer also presented a resolution for a recurring fund transfer.  He told School Board members that by law they are permitted to transfer up to 15% of the Education Fund to the Operating Fund to reimburse the operations fund for expenses that are not allocated to student instruction and learning under the the Indiana Code.  This transfer is executed annually. 

With no questions from the public or school board members, this resolution was also unanimously approved.