County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters updated the commissioners on his department’s recent activities. 

Peters told the commissioners construction has started on the Elm Road Bridge.  The old structure has been removed and the multi-plate box has been delivered.  The Union Road Bridge is scheduled to be bid this month and rights-of-way for the Ule Road Bridge have been approved.  The 11th Road Bridge is 53% complete and they are working on the bridge deck preparing it for the deck pour.  Backfill has been completed up to the bend walls.

Peters said the City of Plymouth has confirmed their choice of overhead ornamental lights for the Randolph Street Bridge project.  Work continues on the Stage 3 bridge design process.  A purchase order for the 12th Road Bridge east of Olive Trail has been received and work can begin. 

Superintendent Peters said they have started the paving work and 1st Road from Tamarack to Queen is completed along with Oak Road between 1st Road and Tyler Road and the Oak Road approaches have been leveled.  Peters said Quince Road between 4B Road and U.S. 6 would be completed mid-week and his crew will move to 11B Road from Nutmeg Road to Muckshaw Road.  

DLC will be completing the dam inspection at Mill Pond this week. 

The highway superintendent also confirmed that the mowing crew started again last week.  Peters said he’s trying to have the entire county right-of-ways mowed twice during the season.