October 4 marks Energy Efficiency Day, and NIPSCO is reminding customers that
small changes around the house can have big energy savings during the colder months ahead.

  • Use natural light: Natural light is a source of free heat that many homes overlook. Leave your
    curtains open during the day to allow your rooms to absorb some warmth. Furthermore, natural
    light has physiological benefits – it improves your vision, helps you sleep, and can improve your
  • Turn back the thermostat: First and foremost, be cautious of how high you set the thermostat
    temperature during the winter. Your energy bills will rise as you use more heat, especially if it is
    competing with colder outdoor temperatures. You’ll also make your heating, ventilation and air
    conditioning (HVAC) system work harder, perhaps shortening its lifespan. Turn down the
    thermostat a few degrees if you’re looking for strategies to save energy.
  • Save on hot water – Don’t set your water heater temperature higher than 120 degrees. This will
    help save energy and avoid scalding.
  • Seal cracks and leaks: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, fixing leaks around the
    house can reduce energy expenses by five to 30 percent. Spending a day caulking, or
    weatherstripping your windows and doors will help seal air leaks, which may be significant
    energy drains.
  • Maintain your furnace – Schedule your annual furnace tune-up, ideally before the first cold
    weather arrives. A licensed HVAC technician can make sure your furnace is clean and safe before
    its season long workout.
  • Buy ENERGY STAR products – Look for ENERGY STAR labels when purchasing new electronics.
    These products have been certified as high-efficiency and low-energy, consuming up to 65 percent
    less energy than non-certified alternatives.

Beyond these helpful tips, NIPSCO offers a range of programs designed to help customers save energy
and money, including rebates, home energy assessments, an online marketplace and more.
For more information on NIPSCO Energy Efficiency programs and tips, visit NIPSCO.com/SAVE.