Plymouth Fire Chief Steve Holm was granted approval to order the power cot-load system for the new ambulance that was ordered a year ago. 

During the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting last week the fire chief said the cot-load system was budgeted with the new ambulance at just under $60,000.  The current price is $60,397 and there is a price increase to happen this month and possibly another one at the beginning of 2024.  

Chief Holm said if he can place the order before the October increase it will be locked in.  He said the cot-load system won’t be received until the new ambulance arrives next year and the city won’t have to pay for the system until delivery.  Holm said the approval could possibly save the city $3,000 to $4,000.

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved his request. 

The Fire Chief also told Board of Works member that he has adjusted his schedule and will be working a regular chief’s scheduled, Monday through Fridays during the day.  Holm also told Board of Works members three new volunteers have started the training process.