Last week members of the Plymouth Common Council passed a resolution to revise the plan for expenditures of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funds. 

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the Park Superintendent Mike Hite asked the city council to consider reallocating some of the funds to assist with the Greenway Trail extension project to Prices Pond. 

The park received a DNR Grant in the amount of $405,000 for the project but during last month’s park board meeting learned that the project is moving faster than anticipated and some funds will be needed this year to keep the project moving forward.  The preliminary engineering work needs to be completed so the permitting and design work for the trail extension can be in place for proceeding in 2024. 

The proposal for the city council was to reprioritize $100,000 of the APR Funds from Blue Zones to the trail project and $2,900 from the allocation for sidewalk design and construction for a total of $102,900 for the Price’s Pond Trail Extension Project. 

Superintendent Mike Hite said they were not assured they would get the grant and were told that funding wouldn’t be available until 2025. Luckily, they were awarded the grant and the funds will be available early so they would like to start working with the Troyer Group on this federal grant. 

The Plymouth Common Council unanimously approved the resolution.