Monday evening the Plymouth City Council unanimously adopted the 2024 budget on the second and third readings with no comments from council members or the public.

The budget is made up of 14 funds totaling $17,214,975 and the 38 Home-Rule Funds, that are not reviewed by the DLGF (Department of Local Government Finance) totaling $5,674,443. The grand total of the city’s 2024 budget is $22,889,418.

The Notice to Taxpayers, available online at shows the estimated civil max levy at $8,445,198.  

Next year’s General Fund budget was advertised at $10,837,743, with the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund at $2,682,292 and the Local Road and Street Fund at $190,000.  The city’s Park and Recreation Department fund came in at $1.727,694, and the Cemetery at $510,606.  The Aviation/Airport Fund at about $453,079. Other funds in the 2024 budget include Non-reverting at $107,005, Police Pension at $353,446, and Fire Pension at $87,610. Rounding out the $17.2 million fund budget are the Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund at $17,000, the Cumulative Capital Development Fund at $170,000, the Casino/Riverboat Fund at $40,000, and Continuing Education at $38,500.  The city didn’t budget anything in the Rainy-Day Fund for next year.

Some of the Home-Rule Funds include the Aviation Rotary Fund at $377,810.  $20,000 for Unsafe Buildings, Crime Prevention/K-9 for $2,000, and the Cemetery Trust at $2,000.  Money is budgeted for the Harrison Street Trail at $112,398 along with $19,805 for the Greenway Trail and the Hoham Drive Grant of $825,000. 

The City Council also approved the ordinance setting salaries for elected officials next year on second and third readings.  The ordinance is for a 5% pay increase for the mayor, clerk-treasurer, and seven city council members.