Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters told the commissioners last week that they are in the process of finishing up PASER (Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating) ratings.

While it is still early in the process, Peters said, “When we started this back when we did the first original PASER ratings we were at an 85% fail.  Today we will be a 32.5% fail based upon what the numbers come back on our current PASER ratings.” 

Commissioner Stan Klotz asked if the new rating includes the road work that had been done this season and Peters said some of the newer road projects haven’t been included yet. 

The highway superintendent told the commissioners that Redwood and 2B Roads and the ground roads are still at a failure rating. He said they will update them in the PASER Rating process as they are completed.

Superintendent Peters said that presently the county has 31% of its roads rated good, 36.5 rated fair, and 32.5% rated failure.     

To have gone from 85% fail down to 32% fail in a relatively short period of time for Marshall County proves that the support of the County Commissioners and the work of the highway department on roadways are improving.

Peters received congratulations for his program and the work his team has done to get Marshall County to this point. 

Commissioner Klotz said, “I know it’s taken a lot of effort and cost a lot of money, but thank you and your staff.”