Marshall County Surveyor Craig Cultice appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday with a professional services agreement with Abonmarche for section corner recovery. 

The surveyor said he is mainly looking for section corners that are on county roadways that have been disturbed or destroyed or need to be brought to grade.   

Cultice said, “Abonmarche is a good pick for the county because they are professional surveyors and engineers and understand how important it is to get the section corners back where they should be.”

The county surveyor said his office will supervise the process of the Abonmarche team to make sure the project is completed the way the county wants it done.

When asked how many section corners need to be improved, Cultice said at least a dozen.  He explained that until they get out and start looking at the road construction projects to see which ones have been damaged, removed, and hidden he really doesn’t know.

The County Surveyor explained that when Reith Riley or Milestone completes road projects in the county, it is in their contract to bring the section corners to the road surface themselves.  He said other road projects where there is no contract the Surveyor’s Office must handle the section corner markings.

The contract presented is for $500 per section corner project. Commissioners Stan Klotz asked if there was money in the budget for the project and the surveyor said the funding comes from the Section Corner Perpetuation Fund and he has enough to cover the contract. 

Marshall County Commissioners said, “I think we need to find them because surveyors use those section corners.  We need to locate them and bring them back up to grade.” 

Cultice the section corner will be brought up to grade and concreted in so they will be a more permanent structure and easier to see.     

The County Commissioners unanimously approved the agreement for Section Corner Recovery with Abonmarche at $500 per corner.