All of the ten townships in Marshall County have uploaded their 2024 budget notices to  They are available for public review and give taxpayers information on the date, time, and location of the township’s public hearing on the proposed budget, estimated budget, estimated maximum permissible levy, the current and proposed tax levies of each fund and the amount of excessive levy appeals to be requested. 

One of the interesting items detailed in the notice of the ten townships is Township Assistance.

Township Trustees provide emergency assistance to individuals and families in need who qualify based on township assistance standards.  Assistance can include:

Payment of Rent/Mortgage

Payment of Utilities

Payment of Burial/Funeral Costs

In Bourbon Township the Township Assistance is $23,000 and in Center Township the trustee budgeted $149,800 for Township Assistance. Township Assistance in German Township is budgeted at $10,000 next year and in Green Township it is only $3,000.  North Township has a proposed Township Assistance fund for 2024 in the amount of $26,500.  The Tippecanoe Township Assistance fund is budgeted next year at $28,500 and in Union Township the amount is $31,750.  In Walnut Township they have budgeted $40,000 for Assistance and in West Township the Assistance Fund is proposed at $20,000.  

Township residents who need assistance must call the Township trustee before visiting in person. Office staff will discuss your needs and make an appointment for you to visit. They may send you some initial paperwork to complete before your appointment.