Marshall County Weights and Measures department head, Jerry Huss gave the County Commissioners an update on his work.

Huss said that so far this year he has completed inspections at about 100 businesses in the county.  The next set of inspections he is getting ready to do are the five high schools in the county and one college scale for wrestling.

Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked Huss if he has encountered any discrepancies this year and he reported that any incidences he has found are corrected within a week’s time frame.

Jerry Huss told the commissioners, “The county people have been really really good all through my whole tenure here of making sure things are accurate the way they should be.  It’s been a very pleasant thing for me to do.”  He went on to say, “I don’t have issues.  I hear other inspectors around the state have some really good issues.  I just don’t have any here.  People are very cooperative in this county.”

Commissioner Stan Klotz told Huss he doesn’t have issues here because of the way he interacts with people.  He told him people have confidence in him and he’s honest with the people he works with.