The Marshall County Drainage Board and Commissioners will meet Monday morning in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building. 

The Drainage Board meets at 8:30 and considers maintenance bids for the number two arm to the Berkley Ditch/Buels, Weissert Arm to Berkley Ditch, and the Newcomb-Eisenhour Ditch and Kelver Arm Ditch.  The drainage board will consider a variance request from Cheryl Rush for the Gunnard Anderson Ditch and a variance request from Kent G. Freed II on the Oran Martin Ditch.

Also on the drainage Board agenda is a proposed vacation of the Heckaman Tile and Public Comments.   

At 9:30 the Commissioners will meet in the same meeting room.  Their agenda includes reports by Highway Superintendent Jason Peters, Sandy Garrison from the Museum, and Jerry Huss from Weights and Measures.  The Commissioners will conduct a public hearing at the request of Plan Director Ty Adley for a fee amendment and be on hand for the third reading of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) for the Shipping Container residential development at 3919 North Michigan Road. 

Sam Williams will present a request to purchase a copier for the Extension Office and County Surveyor Craig Cultice will present an agreement for professional services.  The commissioners will also hear reports from the county attorney and auditor.

Both county meetings are streamed live on the county’s website at