Monday evening the Plymouth Common Council conducted a public hearing on the proposed 2024 budget.

City Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski told the council the total budget is $22,889,419 with the estimated civil max levy at $8,445,198.

Councilman Jeff Houin said he’d reviewed the budget given to him last week.  He said he did a comparison to this year’s budget, and he has no concerns although there are a few things he’s curious about.  Houin said, “It looks very good, very clean.”   

Councilman Houin said the $22.8 million budget includes “everything.  He explained that TIF Funds, grant funds, restricted funds, and redevelopment.  He said the comparison with this year’s (2023) total budget was $22,950,044 which comes in a little lower.  Jeff said, “I think that is a good sign even with some of the increases we were able to keep spending under control.” 

Councilman Houin also asked about the Estimated Property Tax Cap losses for 2024 is at $1,222,000 is higher that the 2023 at $1,174,286.  He said last year’s estimated tax loss for 2023 was $1,635,000 quite a bit higher and when it came in it was quite a bit lower.  Jeff asked the Clerk-Treasurer if they could expect a similar reduction from the estimate is assessed values hold or increase that the tax cap loss will be less than the estimate?

The clerk said she was unsure if there would be a reduction for the 2024 losses and the city attorney said there were lots of higher assessments last year that might have kept a few more people from hitting the caps. 

The city council will adopt the 2024 budget on Monday September 25th during their meeting at 6:30.