Last week the Marshall County Alcoholic Beverage Commission renewed the beer, wine, and liquor restaurant permit for Houin Foods LLC more commonly known as the Breakroom Pub at 138 South Michigan Street in Argos.

With no violations reported the local ABC board automatically approved the renewal permit. 

The beer, wine, and liquor package store permit for Bourbon Liquor Store also known as A-1 Package Liquors at 210 West Center Street had a violation during the last time period and had to appear before with local ABC board. 

Their violation occurred on May 2nd, and it was for a compliance check. 

The owner said the violation was from their oldest employee who was also the store manager.  She said their policy is to ID everyone regardless of age and that the employee admitted to being too relaxed on the policy.  The owner told the ABC board it was the employees first ever violation. Instead of terminating the employee she was relocated to another store and moved to an employee position from the manager’s position.  She was also given intense training.

The ABC board approved the renewal of a package store permit for Bourbon Liquor Store.