This week the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals reconsidered the Variance of Use granted earlier this summer to Star Plymouth LLC at 320 Kingston Road in Plymouth. 

The reconsideration was on the agenda for the July meeting of the BZA but the applicant didn’t appear, so no action was taken.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the owner, who’s from New York appeared in person to discuss some changes he wanted BZA members to consider. 

During the June meeting, the BZA granted the variance of use but requested the developer fix the water issue, mill and resurface the parking lot, fix the drainage issues, install sidewalks on the north and west sides of the property, and wrap the diamond-shaped stone façade or cover it in stucco.  The BZA also stated that the developer would fulfill their pledges of improvements including lighting and landscaping. 

The developer, Star Plymouth LLC told BZA members they would address all water issues as well as the drainage issues.  Instead of wrapping or stuccoing the diamond façade, they would paint them and if after 3 years the paint isn’t acceptable, they would cover the diamond facade by wrapping or stuccoing them.

The parking area on the southwest portion of the lot would be leveled with millings and rolled for compaction. The plan is to split that lot off to be sold to another business, but the developer wanted 3 years. If it wasn’t sold in 3 years, he would convert it into a grassy area. 

Sidewalks were also an issue for Star Plymouth LLC.  They didn’t want to put a sidewalk on the west side of the property for 3 years and felt putting a sidewalk on the north end of the property was a waste.

Following another public hearing and much negotiating and compromising the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals the proposed modifications with a 2-year limit instead of 3 years.  Star Plymouth LLC also agreed to a sidewalk on the north side of the property and will place a fence on a portion of their property to keep semi traffic from turning around and parking in the lot. 

The Plymouth BZA approved the reconsideration of the Variance of Use with all five members agreeing.