Bowen Center formally opened a new health clinic co-located with its outpatient office in Plymouth. The ribbon cutting and open house is another milestone in its move to integrative care. 

The move is aimed at addressing the unique healthcare challenges underserved populations face. Removing obstacles that prevent or limit access to quality healthcare contributes to the quality of life for those living in a community. 

The clinic opening comes as Marshall County is recovering from a turnover in primary care providers. “I am so proud that Marshall County Bowen Center has joined in providing primary care to help to fill this void,” said Lindie Leary, Bowen Center – Marshall County, Director.

“In today’s world of same-day delivery, food delivery in under an hour and a hospital or clinic on nearly every corner it may surprise some that access to healthcare is a major issue in some parts,” said Bowen Center President and CEO Rob Ryan. 

“Individuals struggling with mental illness and people living in poverty are 7 times more likely to be unemployed, have multiple chronic diseases and as a result, die 20 years earlier than expected,” said Dr. Ryan.

By conveniently offering primary health care, mental and behavioral health care, addiction recovery treatment, and life skills coaching services for their patients under one roof in locations throughout northern Indiana, patients can live longer, healthier lives.

“Our goal at Bowen Center is to create a seamless approach to healthcare,” said Laura Borsa, Bowen Health Clinic – Plymouth, Nurse Practitioner. “These clinic spaces are created with intention to provide multiple services in one building in order to strive towards that seamless care. With our integrated care model, we strive to create a bridge for those who have limited access to healthcare or fear of being able to pay. We turn no one away. All you have to do is come,” said Ms. Borsa.

“As we grow our integrated care footprint in northern Indiana, we are helping more patients find accessible health care for their body and mind, no matter their ability to pay,” said Carol Hochstetler, a member of the Bowen Center Board of Directors. “I am so pleased that those living in Marshall County have access to this important health care resource, especially vulnerable populations where oftentimes their health takes a back seat to other life challenges.”

Bowen Center opened its first primary care clinic in 2020 in Warsaw and now in addition to Plymouth, also has clinics co-located with their mental health care, addiction recovery treatment, and life skills coaching services in Fort Wayne, Huntington, and Wabash with many more planned.

Bowen Health Clinic welcomes Medicaid, and no one is turned away for an inability to pay. To make an appointment, call (888) 470-0082.