Michael Reese from Troyer Group presented members of the Plymouth Park Board a proposal for professional services and assisting with the implementation of the Greenway Trail Extension through Price’s Pond during their meeting Tuesday evening.  This new portion of the trail would start at the intersection of Randolph Street and Plymouth Goshen Trail.   

Reese said the park was awarded a grant by the Indiana Trails Program in the amount of $405,000.  Troyer Group assisted in the application process for the grant.

The next step in the process is survey work, preliminary engineering, and design to get the project ready for the bid process.

The proposal is a total lump sum fee of $102,900 which includes the existing condition survey for $9,500; Environmental Assessment and Historical Coordination for $1,500; Wetland Delineation which is requested by the Army Corp. of Engineers for $4,000 and the Construction in a Floodway Permit, which takes about 4 months and will cost $4,500.   Reese told the park board they will need to do Hydraulic Modeling, which is $15,000, Geotechnical Engineering which is for the bridge looking at the soil bearing capacity for $8,500, and the Design and Construction documentation at $50,200.  The bidding and construction administration for the project would be an additional $9,700. 

Reese said the current plans are to send the project to bid next spring with construction to begin later in the summer of 2024.

Reess confirmed that this is a reimbursable grant meaning the park will pay for the project and be reimbursed 80%.

Park Board President Dave Morrow asked if some of the work would be billed yet this year and Reese confirmed that a minimal amount will be billed in 2023.  He said this environmental and historical work will be first and is only $1,500 and the survey work which is $9,500 will take 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Reese also suggested getting additional upfront projects completed such as the wetland delineation completed and the geotechnical engineering.

When asked about paying for the services out of this year’s budget, Park Superintendent Mike Hite said he is working with the Clerk-Treasurer to find the funds available in this year’s budget to cover these smaller items. He said there are funds in the 2024 budget for the trail but the budget hasn’t been approved yet so he wasn’t sure the funds are still in next year’s budget. 

The scope of services also includes quarterly reporting, a requirement of the Indiana Trails Program and the Department of Natural Resources.  Troyer Group will also secure all necessary permits for the project. 

The city is working with the developers of Centennial Crossings for the acquisition and or easements required for the project.

The Plymouth Park Board unanimously approved the proposal from Troyer Group for the Greenways Trail Extension project.