During Tuesday’s County Commissioner meeting, Auditor Peter Paul told the commissioners there are three members of the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA) Board and they have two of the appointments.  He said they needed to make one appointment to the board and recommended local realtor Angie Snyder.    The commissioners approved the recommendation of Angie Snyder.

County Treasurer, Kelly Einspahr presented a request to purchase new software to accept electronic card payments of taxes along with e-checks.  The current software through Pay Gov doesn’t require the parcel number which causes her employees to have to spend time searching for the correct parcel.  The new software from CSG Forte offers convenience to the Treasurer’s office and to taxpayers with the same interest rate as the current provider plus it accepts e-checks which the old software doesn’t.  The commissioners approved her request.

County Coroner John Grolich recently requested the use of ARP Funds from the APRA Committee for the purchase of a Stryker Power Stair Chair.  At their recommendation, he appeared before the commissioners seeking their support for the new equipment.   

The coroner said this power stair chair is a relatively new device on tracks that helps to control the speed.  He also said that 40% of his cases require them to navigate stairs. 

The cost of the Power Stair Chair is $16,046.87.  It comes with a 2-year warranty and Grolich said a 48-month maintenance agreement is $3,000.  He told the commissioners he could add the maintenance cost into his budget.  The commissioners were supportive of his request so he will seek the funds from the County Council next week.

Commissioner Stan Klotz presented a pre-pay request to Oliver Ford for the purchase of a new vehicle for the building commissioner.  He said his current truck has 150,000 to 160,000 miles.  Klotz wants to purchase a basic 2023 Ford Escape 4-wheel drive with floor mats and underbody spray.  The total cost with the trade-in is $20,850.  The commissioners approved the pre-pay request.