Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi presented the Board of Public Works and Safety with a revision to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City and ADDD Equities more commonly known as CMD or Construction Management & Design during last week’s meeting. 

Surrisi said the revision presented to the board slightly modifies the MOU that was already agreed to in June.  He said there was some confusion between the attorneys involved, Sean Surrisi and Burke Richeson for ADDD Equities on the amount of property being donated to the city from ADDD. 

City Councilman Jeff Houin worked on negotiations with the MOU and said the “bottom line” is the change of the language from the curb to the property line.  The language approved in June measured 10 feet from the front of the curb which includes the 4.5 feet of right-of-way the city already controls.  Houin said the 10 feet of property should be from the property line giving the city a total of 14.5 feet from the front of the curb for the placement of new sidewalks in the future. 

With the Memorandum of Understanding ADDD Equities will donate to the city 10 feet of property and the city will in exchange pay for the construction of the sidewalk.

The whole idea came from the Complete Streets Committee on the donation of property. They hope that this will spark interest in other businesses along Oak Drive to do the same. 

Earlier this year ADDD had filed for a variance with the Plymouth Plan Commission requesting to not put in the required sidewalk until other sidewalks were being installed or the city moved forward with a sidewalk plan on Oak Drive.

Members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved the Memorandum of Understanding.