The Marshall County Commissioners will meet Tuesday morning at 8:30 in their second-floor meeting room of the County Building.  There are a number of items on the agenda including a report on the Highway Department by Superintendent Jason Peters and County Assessor Pete Paul will ask the commissioners to make an appointment to the PTABOA.    

Bobbie Reinhold from the Southfield Subdivision will present a petition requesting the commissioners make King and 11th Roads NO THROUGH TRUCKS.  County Treasurer Kelly Einspahr will present an agreement for credit card processing from CSG Forte Payments and County Coroner John Grolich will present a request to purchase a Stryker Expedition Power stair chair.

The commissioners will also hear a report from the County Attorney Jim Clevenger and the County Auditor will present the minutes, claims, and a report on the FSSA Opioid Settlement.  They will also discuss the 2023 Zehner Millpond Dam Inspection, consider the OCRA Next Level Connections Grant Program and hear a request for a pre-pay for Oliver Ford. 

The County Commissioners meetings are open to the public and available to view on the county’s website.