A public hearing was held Monday evening during the Plymouth Common Council meeting for an additional appropriations resolution. 

City Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski explained the request for additional funds.  The first additional is for $33,550 for the Aviation Department out of their Capital Outlays and will go into building improvements.  The additional will be used for a new header on the hanger doors.

Airport Manager Bill Sheley said, “The estimate for the new hanger doors is around $170,000 but they didn’t take into account that the existing structure wouldn’t support them, so they’ve had to come up with a web truss hanger.”  He told the board they will be able to recoup these funds in next year’s grant structure. 

Councilman Jeff Houin asked if the appropriation for the airport was from the city’s Capital Development Fund or the Aviation Fund and the clerk explained it was from the airport funds. 

Mayor Senter asked how old the existing doors are and Sheley said they are original from the 1965-66 era. 

The second additional appropriation request came from the Park Department.  They requested funds from the Park Gift Fund for Supplies of $1,000 and Other Services and Charges for $5,000.

Following the public hearing, the Common Council unanimously approved the additional appropriations resolution.

The council also approved a resolution creating the Gibson and LaPorte Street Reconstruction Grant Fund.  This new fund will hold the grant money awarded to the city through this year’s INDOT Community Crossing projects.

The city council approved the new fund request by a 7-0 vote.